• Screening – THE MAZE – 6/16

    Please upgrade your browser See the classic 3-D horror movie from 1953 The Maze (1953) starring Richard Carlson, Veronica Hurst and Hillary Brooke. It was directed by William Cameron Menzies This horror classic from 1953 is a favorite among 3-D fans. A man inherits a Scottish castle from his late uncle, and also inherits the?castle’s… [Continue Reading]

    PSA Hollywood Exhibition 2019 – ing Soon

    The 59th Hollywood International Stereo Exhibition – 2019 All stereo photographers are invited to enter the annual Hollywood Exhibition The Hollywood Exhibition is a photography contest sanctioned by PSA (meaning acceptances and awards count towards PSA star ratings and other honors). It is open to everyone, whether or not they are members of the PSA,… [Continue Reading]

    June Meeting – 6/20 – View-Master Night

    View-Master Night The next regular meeting of the Los Angeles 3-D Club will be Thursday, June 20th, 2019, 7:15-9:45pm at the?Armory Center For the Arts 145 N. Raymond, Pasadena, CA 91103. The evening will include a show and tell on?View-Master and a mini workshop on how to prepare your digital stereo photos and get View-Master… [Continue Reading]

    LA 3-D Club 2019 Awards Banquet

    You’re cordially invited to attend our annual Image of the Year Awards Banquet which will be held on July 13, 2019, (which is the second Saturday of that month) at Taix French Restaurant.? This early date was specifically chosen to avoid conflicts with other 3D events happening in August. As always, the evening will feature… [Continue Reading]

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